Breaking News: Team The Dreamer Designs Caught in Jaipur

Breaking News: Team The Dreamer Designs Caught in Jaipur

Recently the team, along with its founder, was caught on camera at various places in Jaipur. If sources are to be believed, they were out on a rejuvenating trip together to celebrate their success in hitting the agency’s success target.

The Dreamer Design is a graphic design agency that institutes various departments– Design, Web Development, Business Development, Content team, and HR department. They believe “ A team having fun together works better together.” Therefore, following the star network policy to ease the flow of communication, each department is interlinked yet separated by its own task. Let’s look at their successful attempt to bring in more understanding, freshness, and synchronicity among each other, from our lens. 

Day 1: The Pink City

After hearing all the buzz about The Dreamer Designs in the graphic design and web development industry, our reporters decided to do an exclusive on them.

The suspiciousness began when one of our reporters saw the team crossing Delhi borders around 8 in the morning. Followed by lots of selfies, picking up comrades on the way, and a warm breakfast, they were seen reaching Pink City in the afternoon.

Trailing them since morning, reporter saw them heading towards Choki Dhani around 7. Rajasthan, known for its hospitality, warmly welcomed the group with folk music and dance. Their night rolled out with laughter, fun, dance, and many activities. The team called the day off with a classic Rajasthani bonne bouche.

Day 2: Expedition

From all the ice-breaking games and conversations last day, everyone met refreshed at the breakfast buffet around 9. They were soon seen leaving for roads to explore the Pink City. Crossing the beautiful Jal Mahal, they drive their way all the up to Amer Fort. Hiring a guide, they experienced the beautiful history behind the fort and the royals living in it. Hopping and Roasting each other around, the team explored various parts of Amer Fort like Sheesh Mahal, Zenana courtyard, Maota Lake and Kesar Kyari. Many were heard saying how the architecture, style and carvings have inspired them in their upcoming design ventures.

After having the heartiest lunch, the comrades were seen en route towards the honeycomb-structured HawaMahal. Built-in red and pink colored sandstone, HawaMahal does full justice to the appellation of “Pink City” given to Jaipur. The tour guide explained how the cooling effect in the chambers made Raani (Queens) enjoy their cultural festivals. He showed them the beautiful view of the city from the 953 small windows. Tired from all the shopping and exploring, they reached the hotel, where hot dinner was served, followed by a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the team’s first meet-up.



Do you think that was a wrap to their day? 

No! The night didn’t end here. As per the reports from hotel staff, roars of laughter and music could be heard from their rooms till midnight. It seems they were enjoying IND V/S AUS while bonding over endless chats, laughter, and jamming over old-school Hindi music. The after-party went on till 1 in the morning, after which everyone was seen leaving for their respective rooms.

Day 3: Until Next Time!

Tired yet rejuvenated from last night’s bonding, everyone gathered around 9 in the morning and had breakfast. With lots of memories and planning of next trip, they all left for Delhi.