Is your website
ever really done?

It’s great that you now have your own website designed and developed, but is that the end? Ain’t it rather just a beginning?


Wondering what are these?

Design Refresh

Development Updates

Data Managment With SEO & Content

Defence Security

Design Refresh

The only maintenance contract that will
give you total design protection. Services
included under this feature are:

Development Updates

Our goal is to keep you ahead of whatever is taking place in software development. Thus, ensuring you the most helpful and current insights. Services included under this feature are:

Data Management with SEO and Content Services

Effortlessly amp up your website ranking with our scrutinized data management via SEO and content analyses. Services included under this feature are:

Defence and Security

Protect your website with us! Services included under this feature are:

Additional Offering

Monthly Reporting

Reminder for domain and hosting renewals

Speaking with the server support team in case of issues

It is a full cost and worth analysis with:


Don't Let Your Website Fall Behind!

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SuperHeroes of Web is a design agency that allows users to enjoy unlimited designs, development, and videos starting at only $399/month+ lifetime of free designs. It has everything from designing landing pages and developing graphics & videos to animating short clips, GIFs, etc.! An answer for all your creative blocks. Each SuperHeroes of Web credit roughly amounts to an hour of service.

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