Healing during pandemic

Chances are, you have already read about things happening in India, and indeed there is a lot of pain around. However, we at The Dreamer Designs have seen it with a very different lens and perspective.

A moment to shine:

At this very moment, most people in India aren’t at their best, but they are doing their best to save the nation. They are wounded but have an undying spirit of helping others live. We are helping strangers and friends of friends like our immediate families.
At TDD, we have started a helpline in collaboration with Sapney charitable trust as a CSR activity, where we help people find necessary items. So far, we have provided ambulances, oxygen refills, food, and hospital beds to those in need and saved more than 200 hours by filtering unverified leads from the verified ones.

A moment to introspect:

As we battle through this situation and take our notes for the future, one thing is clear. It’s not the pandemic but poor management of it that is causing havoc. We are committed to exploring areas where design can help. Time is essential when dealing with such a situation, and user experience and interface design for any communication play a much more significant role in these times.

A moment to work hard:

When going gets tough, the tougher gets going.
The team at The Dreamer Designs is working super hard to keep up to all commitments and creativity high. We are doing more workshops, training, and interactive sessions to have creative juices flowing and not let negativity conquer our thoughts.

We are keeping ourselves busy with two things, helping people and staying engaged productively in creating an excellent quality of work. While we do the former at our end, we need your support with the latter. Reach us out with your project requirements and kindly share a word with your friends and those in need of good design. Your business enables us to stay active and helps us make the world a better place to live.

Love and regards.

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