How does a Divi web designer make a website load faster?

When a Divi web designer starts developing a website, the one thing that they look for is to create a website that is functional and also fast. Google and other search engines prioritize faster loading websites in search results to give their users a good experience. They understand that making the users wait even for a few seconds might test their patience and they’ll leave the website to find a much faster alternative. Losing a potential customer is a no-no and Divi web designers should do everything to avoid this.

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Wondering how a Divi web designer makes a website load faster? Read along to find out.

1. Before designing

Before designing a website, a designer must plan what he is looking to create. Using many images might cause the website to buffer and decrease its performance. To make sure the website is perfect, keep its future growth in mind while planning the design.

2. Hosting service

Good hosting can help load the website faster. A Divi web designer should choose a good host for the website and make it faster. Before developing the website, the designer will plan the website and choose a suitable web hosting service from Shared, VPS, Cloud, and also Managed web hosting service providers.

3. Resize and optimize images

Images are one of the things that make a website slow down. Resizing the images and optimizing them to a file size that would take lesser time to load is one thing that Divi designers do to create a website that loads faster. Check out some of the fast loading websites we created with Divi that has plenty of optimized images.

4. Caching plugins

A plugin is a service that helps enhance the performance of your website by adding certain functions to it. A caching plugin enhances the already existing sever caching and store a static version of your website in the system of the visitor, who had previously visited to reduce the time to load.

5. Set up CDN

Content Delivery Network helps reduce the time it takes to load your website by creating a copy of the same and hosting it on their server worldwide. They read the location of the visitor and loads the website from a server closest to them. This reduces the time it would normally take for the server to their browser.

6. Choose plugins wisely

There are plenty of WordPress plugins available in the market that claims to do various functions but not all of them are properly created and sometimes may affect your website adversely and slow your website down. Your Divi web designer should make sure that the plugins are of good quality, up to date, and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Another thing to keep in mind is to not use too many plugins. If the function they provide is not necessary, remove the plugin immediately. Click here to find perfect plugins to enhance website performance.

7. Compress files

Files such as Javascript uses codes that humans can read and will be a few sizes too large. This takes space and in turn makes the website slower. Compressing these files will remove the space they take up and change the code format. This reduces the size of the file and makes the website load faster. Your Divi web designer should be able to find some Caching plugin that helps with both caching and file compressing.

Research has proven that a fast loading website tends to have a higher rate of conversion. Divi is a theme that will help you create a website that is fast and easy to handle. And to use Divi effectively, all you’ve got to do is find the best Divi web designer.
A faster loading website always scores higher. Feel free to contact us to get yourself a fast loading Divi website now!

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