How often should you redesign your website?

This must be one of the questions every website owner has regarding their website. Today we are here to find the right answer to it. Before we get into answering it, let’s look at what redesigning your website actually means.
Redesigning means re-constructing your website to perform along with the dynamic nature of society. If your sales or conversion is low then you should sit down with experts and evaluate your website functions.

Now let’s move on to the actual question, “How often should you redesign your website?”. The most general and honest answer to this question is that you should redesign your website every 2 to 3 years. But if your website is not responsive and does not deliver the results you were expecting it to deliver then you MUST get it redesigned right now, so as to reduce the unwanted expenses in the long run. Plus an outdated website has a lot of hidden costs. Click here to read about the hidden cost of outdated websites.

Experts say that a website should be redesigned every 2 to 3 years or whenever a new resource is available. But, do all the experts say the same? No. every designer has his/her opinion about how often your website needs to be redesigned. Here’s the twist though, it is your decision when your website needs to be redesigned and all the designers can hope is that it is not too late when you decide to do it.

Think of your design as your home or apartment. You need to keep investing as you spend time there, but every couple of years or so, you need to give it a complete makeover or a big change like paints, roof change, etc. The same is with the website to make it look new or to solve a particular problem.

Some of the things in your house need regular attention, like lawn mowing, cleaning the attic, etc. Likewise, in a website somethings need to be constantly updated like blogs, news, plugins, etc. Some other things can be done a little less frequently like backup, updating phone numbers, contact details if there is a change, etc…

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A few things become necessary as we progress like your website being responsive, the way it looks on mobile. Research says that most people use mobile phones to access the internet due to which it needs to be ensured that the website is mobile-friendly.

Every money spent on your website is more like an investment in your online showroom/office and it should be done wisely considering how much it will pay you off. Thankfully, modern technologies enable us to know what each tool and development do to our website and how it will help increase sales.

So to conclude the answer to the question, a website redesign is an ongoing process, but every 1 to 2 years you should get an audit done. If you think now is the time you can avail a free audit right now. Contact us to get your website audited by experts at The Dreamer Designs.

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