How to get your custom fonts on your Unbounce landing pages

Fonts are an essential tool to make eye-catching landing pages, and since we often need to make a lot of such pages, it becomes a little crucial to have that branding aspect of a custom font.

Especially, when you have a very specific company font. Well, if you have the same issue that you’re struggling with then this little article might just be what you’re looking for and help you use your custom fonts on Unbounce without any glitches.

Now, when you import an Unbounce font on a page, it is important to make sure that these fonts are uploaded on the same servers with which the Unbounce account is linked. For instance, if your Unbounce account is linked with website, then the external fonts should also be updated on the same servers.

Here is the official link on the steps to do the same.

For example, if your Unbounce is linked to, but you have your fonts on xyz(dot)com, then this might result in a glitchy situation.

The most important parts of these pages are the CTAs and take it from us, they need the best ratio of white space to get what desirable results.

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That being said, you should know you can’t host third-party fonts on Unbounce servers, which implies that you need to host fonts on your server and link your Unbounce account to that same server. For example, if your Unbounce is linked to, but you have your fonts on xyz(dot)com, then this might result in a glitchy situation.


You must also keep in mind the format that is accepted for the fonts to be uploaded. Some of the Unbounce recommended formats are – .eot, .woff, .ttf, and .svg, hence its always reliable to use these.

Another factor that might pose a hurdle, is that if you are to host your page on the Unbounce domain itself then unfortunately you do not have a choice to upload your custom fonts. For example, if your URL reads – then you can not put a custom font. The next best alternative to do that is by uploading an image, but then again you might need to keep a check on how the image looks on a mobile device, as that might require you to upload an alternate image for the same.


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