Know your Audience: the key to a successful presentation

Have you ever given a presentation where your audience looks lost?

We have all been there. That moment when the audience looks lost and you can’t figure out the instant that caused it. Even though you feel your presentation going down, you have to carry on.

You work so hard while pitching an idea to your clients, from spending all nights at work to keeping every detail on point.


Have you ever been to a doctor where he explained what you’re feeling better than you did yourself? How did that make you feel?

You felt understood. You felt like he connects with you and he knows what he’s talking about. And right at that moment, you feel great about choosing that doctor.
That’s exactly how your clients should feel after listening to you. They have to know that you understand their problem and have the perfect solution as well.
With that, knowing them will make it easier for you as well.

Whenever you present, you want the clients to relate to your message and react favorably. With this one-sided communication, it’s difficult to create a balance in the information delivered. You don’t get instant feedback, it’s just their facial expressions that give you the hint.

You make presentations when the stakes are high. You get amazing content, interactive slides and you know what you’re talking about. But somewhere along the way, you get derailed. As demotivating it may be, we have all been there. And if that doesn’t make you feel better, the solution to it definitely will.

The key to rock your presentation is to know your audience.
You do that, you’ll win them over for sure.

Yes, giving them the right information and reason to agree with you is the most logical way to go about it. You would question the relevance of knowing them

Here’s why you should know the audience you’re presenting to:

1. Figure out what they want to hear

What would be better than telling them what they want to hear? There’s no better trick to convince them you’re on their side than talking about their benefit.
Saying the right things will get you where you intend to reach.
But what is worse than not saying the right things?

Saying the wrong things!

You need to know your audience enough to make sure your content doesn’t hurt their beliefs or offends them anyway.
Understanding them layout a plan for your presentation. It’ll give direction to your content.
It’ll be something they’ll connect to and will get engaged.

Isn’t the intention to make them stick? This is the way to go!

What do you base the tone of your presentation upon?
What you would want to hear or what your audience wants to hear?

It’ll only be a success if you go by the latter option.
It’s a critical task to set the tone. Especially when your audience has multiple people of mixed genders, different positions, different experiences, different educational backgrounds. These factors will alter how they perceive your tone.
It makes it more essential for you to choose a tone that runs common for your audience.

It is important that your audience connects with you on some level. Finding a common ground will lift the uptight situation there. It’ll ease you into explaining your point and will also make it easier for them to put up questions without shying away.
The more questions they ask, the more opportunity for you to make things clearer and convince them.
It’ll also let you align your message with what your audience believes in. Let’s say your audience believes in numbers. It’s your cue to give them data and let them believe what you’re saying.


Given the limited chance for communication, you might not be able to come back to a point and clarify it for them. To avoid the need for that, your presentation needs to be audience-oriented. It has to be planned in a way that your audience understands easily.
Knowing your target audience will do that for you. You will have to speak their language and anticipate what they would want to hear. Along with that, your presentation shouldn’t say that you’re pitching your idea. Rather, it has to make them believe that your intention is to solve their problem with your idea.

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