Psychology of Money

Hi guys
It is always a good weather to read books. If the plot of the book is interesting we might even read the book in one sitting. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that. I have to get back to work and create plenty of amazing designs for my clients. But here is a book that I wish I could have read in single sitting. Hope you have the time for that and do give this book a try. 
I’m here with another book recommendation for you all. Psychology of Money is a wonderful book by Morgan Housel that deals with financial consciousness. It was a very interesting read and I learned about the power of compounding. It is a new area of exploration for me and I have decided to dive further deep into it in the near future. 
Even though at the end it gets too specific and acknowledges the American readers only, it is a nice book for everyone who is looking for life changing habits when it comes to money management.
Get your hand on this book and learn about how our behaviour and money are related. 
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