The mighty Divi presets for Divi web designers

We all know the scope of customization in Divi is simply endless. We can literally take any module and make changes to it as per our needs. Divi is all about complete design control.
But at the same time, is it practical to create each and every element from scratch every time we create a website? That would take a lot of time, much more than actually needed.

Well, the Divi presets rid us of that. We can create any custom element or page and save it as a preset for further use. These presets can be reused anytime while creating a new page for a website.
Presets are so great that you can create your own little library of elements and designs.
Every little detail, from rows, columns to modules, can be customized and then saved as a preset, to be used anywhere on a website.

Want to know the best part about it? When you need to update elements, you just have to update the preset and all the associated elements will be automatically updated.

If required, you can also further customize any element.

Default Divi Preset

Amongst the many presets we create, any one of them can be set as the default preset. The new elements will automatically base themselves upon that default preset, streamlining our work even more. But yes, obviously, you can further customize those elements as per the requirements.

Why use Presets

The old global defaults within Divi was a tool that allowed the users to just create one default for every element. On the other hand, the new Divi presets allow the user to create multiple presets for each and every requirement.
With the new Divi presets, the user has the liberty to choose from the many presets created, the best suited to the need.

Designing New Divi Presets

Designing presets is not a very difficult task as such. There are dropdown menus on the panel for the settings. It’s pretty simple to do and self-explanatory once you try your hand on it.
However, here’s a glimpse of what to do:

  1. Click on the dropdown menu, found at the top of all settings panel and select ‘Add new Preset’.
  2. Give your preset a name.
  3. Explore the design settings and customize the preset.
  4. Save the preset.

This preset will now be available in the preset dropdown menu and you can choose it when you create any new element.

For a Divi web designer, creating every element from scratch every time is gruesome. It’s a lot of work. Furthermore, updating is just as hectic. Every element will have to be updated separately.

While that’s exactly what happens for most builders and for Divi till recently, the presets have completely changed the game. Yes, it definitely took some getting used to but it’s so worth it.
Creating websites has become easier and quicker which gives the Divi web designers much time to focus on their creativity to build one of a kind website.
This is really the chance for the designers to push themselves. Well, this is much knowledge to absorb in one go but there is more to know.
Get on a call with us and let’s discuss!

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