What is Divi split testing and why is it useful ?


Since its introduction in 2013, Elegant Themes has constantly updated and added new features to Divi to enhance its performance. Divi is a powerful WordPress theme that was web designers favorite in 2020. A few years back, Divi introduced another one of their powerful web designing tools that helps find the best among all the options, Divi Leads.

Divi Leads is a split testing system that allows Divi web designers to create various web designs and test them to find out which among them has a higher rate of conversion. It allows you to broadcast different versions of the design and find the one that has a higher conversion rate. This is done by analysing the visitors data after broadcasting both the versions.

Goal selection

While split testing you can set a goal that you want to achieve using your website or design. Divi Leads will analyze the engagement of the design and track statistics and tell you the design that was able to achieve the goal and its conversion rate.

Easy analysis

Divi leads will track the performance of all the designs you have put to test and present the results in a graph that is easy to understand and it will be clear which version works the best and Divi designers can choose that design as the winner. Click here to view some of the best web designs we created using Divi Theme.

Convenience for the clients

Yes, it’s true. There is nothing more convenient for them than to be able to make minor changes themselves. Imagine not feeling the need to turn to the designers for making little changes from time to time because of the hurdle called coding.
Well, that doesn’t happen anymore. They just click on what they want to edit and it’s done.
Win-win for everyone, right?
The visual builder makes it all the easier for them also.
Here are some of the websites we built keeping the convenience of the clients in focus.

Testing everything

Using Divi Leads Divi web designers can analyze how visitors respond to minute details. The test can be conducted to find out the better performing design of individual modules to the whole website. You can put various design versions to test using Divi Leads.

Starting a test and analyzing the result

Divi is one of the most user-friendly WordPress themes out there. Divi Leads also follows the same path and has a user-friendly interface. To test a design one has to simply right-click and select the ‘split test’ option. A duplicate of the design will be created so that Divi web designers can go ahead and create more versions of the design. Before Divi Leads starts tracking the performance, designers set the goal they are looking for and once the design has been broadcasted, data is analyzed, and a graph showing the performance of each variation will be shown.

A Divi web designer always makes sure to create a web design that is aesthetically pleasing and has a higher rate of conversion. Sometimes they might be able to create completely customized that fit your brand perfectly. Divi Leads help the designer to choose the best design according to its performance and how visitors react to each of them. Have a few ideas for the headline, and cannot decide which is the best? Worry not, split testing will help you find out the headline that has a higher chance of grabbing visitor’s attention. But, when you’re putting design variations to test, make sure these designs are some of the best designs that are aesthetic and functional. To get perfect designs, all you need to do is connect with us and we will make sure your web design has a higher rate of conversion using Divi Leads.

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