Why do you need Divi Theme and Divi Builder?

Divi is a WordPress theme introduced by Elegant Themes that allows Divi web designers full customization of your website, from the fonts to the placement of every element. Divi Builder is a plugin that comes with the theme when you buy it, and can also be used as a plugin for other themes.

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First, let’s discuss the features of the Divi theme:

1. Divi theme and customization

Divi is a WordPress theme that allows complete customization of your website. Every element of your website can be personalized as you like it. From the colors to the fonts and placement of elements, you can customize everything to fit your brand perfectly.

2. Split testing

Divi has a tool called Divi Leads that allows you to split test how visitors respond to different versions of a design. Imagine you can’t decide between two headlines. Divi lets you create two versions of the design, each using one of the two headline options. You can then put them to split testing and find out which version has a higher rate of conversion after broadcasting both the designs to visitors.

3. Best WordPress theme of 2020

Divi web designer chose Divi as the best WordPress theme of 2020 due to its ease of use and all the features it provides. With the global pandemic and businesses going online building websites was so much easier and user-friendly with Divi. Click here to find out why Divi designers chose Divi as the best WordPress theme of 2020.

Now that you know about the Divi theme let’s get to the Divi Builder plugin.

The Divi builder works on two levels: the standard level ‘Back end’ and the visual level ‘Front end’. 

Fundamentally, the builder eases the designer into the when designing process. The difference between the two levels is their interface. While the back end builder works seamlessly with every WordPress them and can be accessed while still in the dashboard, the front end builder is quite different. The standard level builder makes modifications much more easier.

If you have a website that you are happy with, but there is still a feature, that you like, that only the Divi theme can perform, you can install the Divi Builder plugin and do it without having to change your website theme completely. The plugin allows you to access the features of  Divi theme in your website made with other themes.

Divi theme and the Divi builder plugin are individual entities that can exist without the other for sure but together can create magic like nothing ever has. There is no competition between the theme and the mechanism that helps its operation. Divi builder can be used with other themes and other plugins can be used with Divi theme. We believe that they are great on their own, but together they are unbeatable.

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