Why is a responsive website necessary?

Responsive websites have always been a favored option for all. The benefits of having a responsive website are many. But before we get into that, here is what a responsive website means.

A responsive website is one that is compatible with any device no matter what, a mobile phone with a 6-inch screen to a 19 inches long desktop. The viewer will receive a website view that will be accurate for the device they are using. These days everybody uses mobile phones more than desktops and it is compulsory to make your website compatible in mobile just as much as it is compatible with a laptop or desktop.

If you are not sure, you can get a review by experts at The Dreamer Designs.

Get your website audit done for FREE by a member of Young Jury at AWWWARDS

If you are not sure, you can get a review by experts at The Dreamer Designs.
Get your website audit done for FREE by a member of Young Jury at AWWWARDS

Now here’s why having a responsive website is important.

1. Mobile users on the rise

As we all know people love having easy access to the internet and all the websites. Let’s face it, we all go straight to our phones to look for websites. Having a website that is not responsive means the viewer using his mobile will have to scroll in all four directions to read about your website. This might not leave a good impression. This could even lead to losing a prospective customer. Having a responsive website improves your website’s user experience.

2. Improves SEO ranking

Google has made it clear that it recommends using responsive web design. The majority of Google users are using mobile phones and making sure websites are adaptable to any device has been made a priority by google itself. This helps increase your SERP ranking as well.

3. Device friendly

A responsive website adapts to the screen size irrespective of the device used. This ensures that your website will look amazing on mobile devices, tablets, and also desktops. It recognizes the device being used and finds a size that would fit better into the device screen. It also helps create a better user experience.

4. Less stressful

If your website is not responsive and you end up developing another website just for mobile users, you will have to shuttle between each website making sure everything is functioning smoothly. This is not something you want to do. A responsive website is the best solution for device adaptability.

5. User-friendly

Having a responsive website is not just device friendly but also user friendly. Sometimes, when the website does not appeal to the user they tend to exit the website before even giving it a chance. That is not something we can allow, so having a responsive website can help better the user experience and ensures the smooth functioning of your business.


6. Us for example

We all use various devices in our everyday life, watching a website that fits perfectly into all devices no matter what size they are is something that makes us all happy. There is nothing worse than opening a website in your mobile phone and having to scroll in all four direction to read a single sentence. Plus owning a website that fits all screen size will make sure there are no fall outs

7. Security

Divi and its developers have clarified that they prioritize security, and for the same, they have collaborated with the experts at Sucuri. These experts regularly analyze websites to ensure security.

The takeaway

If your website is not responsive consider sitting down with your designer and planning out the redesigning. Now that even iPhones are going mini, having a responsive website now can save you from a huge loss in the future. Users are our priority and giving them the best experience must be one of the things on top of our list. It could also help you, avoid stress, and increase your SEO ranking.
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Responsive websites are the future and soon you will catch someone browses your website using their smartwatch. The future is now!

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