6 Steps To Land Your Dream Pitch: Presentation Design Guide

6 Steps To Land Your Dream Pitch: Presentation Design Guide

The worst thing you can do with your product or service is pitch through a mismanaged presentation. There have been days even when we have our share of bad presentations or have sat through one.

Got chills remembering those embarrassing or horrific presentation days–  twice as long as they needed to be, with text-heavy slides and no images.

If you are a newbie with little to no knowledge about aesthetically pleasing yet informative enough presentations– reach us at The Dreamer Designs to get your job done professionally from the hub of talented and experienced designers. 

But if you are looking for full-force inspiration or want to amplify the quality of your slides, you’ve tapped on the right link.

Presentation Outline

One of the most difficult things while creating your presentation can be letting go of your content and unnecessary graphics. The attachment and biasness can slack up your whole meeting, costing you to pitch (or even your job). 

Thus it becomes very important to choose the right content and its order. The presentation’s success depends on a strong plot, so The Dreamer Designs devotes significant effort to it.

Let’s have a quick glimpse of how The Dreamer Designs creates an effective presentation design:

1. Knowledge:

There is no bigger torture than sitting nonchalantly through a boring presentation where the speaker goes on for an hour. Doing what? 

Explaining something as valuable as 5 minutes.

Thus, before we jump in to create a presentation, our research team thoroughly reviews the topic information. 


It serves as a GPS to reach your destination smoothly. Thus, giving a strong foundation to your presentation. 

2. Content:

When you are well-read and well-prepared, there is no doubt your content will speak for your product or service. Thus, adding great value to your presentation.

Rather than just going with anything, we always pick and choose authentic sources to add some relevancy to your presentation. We believe in respecting your audience’s time, and they will surely respect your efforts.

3. Synthesis:

And even we need to make hard decisions! editing out the information and content. 

At The Dreamer Designs we believe in letting go of heavy text and focusing on the short fragments of information that people can understand and retain. 

Why? Because the audience is there to listen, not reading your long presentation. Never ever overload your slides with data. 

4. Outline:

It’s time to organize all of the chunks of material into a logical presentation outline when you’ve effectively synthesized your primary ideas. The best piece of advice we apply– do everything up to this point without touching your presentation software. 

We either pen down on a piece of paper or a computer but avoid using your presentation tool until we have completed all of the previously mentioned procedures.

5. Design:

Hurray! Finally, it’s time for some creativity and design. Our designers take a plunge from here!

Check out some of our cool core-hitting designs and templates on The Dreamer Designs

Get inspired and get your job done in the most professional yet non-conventional manner. 

6. Delivery:

No matter how perfectly conceptualized and well-designed we craft the presentation, it’s still not enough. Even with the most epic content, there is a chance we will mess it up if not delivered properly. 

So how can we fix it? 

Old school but still impactful– PRACTICE. With 60 years of combined experience, we have practiced our craft like thousand times and still learning. 

And while you are presenting your presentation, get familiarize yourself with the content so much that you can easily pitch to the clients, even if the projector breaks down in the middle of the session. 


The faith of your pitch depends on what kind of presentation you put forward.  Guidance towards a presentation outline will offer a  firm structure in making your work much easier to comprehend and remember.

A presentation is the backbone of your pitch that defines several months of hard work on your product and services. 

So you definitely can’t afford to mess it up! 

Visit The Dreamer Designs to get your hands on some exciting services and designs. With entertaining, memorable, and compelling presentations, offer your audience a treat to pitch. 



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