Ebook for Drive Team

Not Just E book design but a lot more. If you have the content written already, do not wait further to see it converted into a result-oriented ebook. We can also help you with designing banners for promotion as well.
This Ebook was designed for “Drive Team” and as targeted towards teens and utilized their branding colors in the entire design process.

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Why an annual maintenance service?

For us, the customers are the KING who we love to take care of. Once we have designed and built your website, we make sure to sustain it in the best way possible.
Our services include:

  • Backup
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It’s time for our question-answer round.
We tried to predict and answer some unconventional questions to the best of our knowledge. We are looking forward to more of those in your mind.

WordPress is a platform for building websites that makes the process simple. The number of plugins and templates helps in reducing the time as well as costs.

Yes, WordPress has a free edition with a range of features, plugins, and so on, but self-hosting WordPress gives you complete control.

Yes, of course. WordPress’s premium capabilities allow you to create a more professional website with high-quality features. Making it worthwhile its price.

The range for WordPress varies under various packages offered. Overall, the most comprehensive set of features costs $300 per year.

WordPress is widely utilized by businesses of all sizes. It has the ability to accommodate and satisfy businesses of various sizes, from tiny to large.

WordPress is the most user-friendly, allowing unskilled web developers to simply establish their own websites. It is, nonetheless, perfectly adequate for professional websites.

WordPress is safe to use as long as you follow all of the security precautions. Safe elements, login credentials, and regular upgrades are just a few of the best practices to follow.

WordPress packages cost somewhere between $11 and $40 per month.

Yes, it may take more time to be executed than static HTML files.

If not anything else, it’s our personal inclination towards WordPress as the best way to build a website.

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